Spring is almost here. It’s my favorite time of year for so many reasons. But for me it represents the endless possibilities of new beginnings. I am always inspired by the magic of Mother Nature, and motivated to create new things and new music.

Spring reminds us no matter how bleak the winter… new growth is all around us!

Taking cues from nature, you ‘ll see fledgling shoots of green leaves are fragile and delicate – just finding their way to the sky and sunlight.

What does spring have to do with music? Spring is all about renewal and starting the natural cycle of growth.

Spring is the perfect time to reboot your creative self and start a new song, a new music project, begin a  new co-writing relationship. Inspiration is everywhere.

Open your windows, take a walk, listen to the birds.
Take a minute to look inside. your wonderful self….. great new ideas are waiting to be born!