Most Musicians and Creatives Rely on Live Work

Musicians, Singers and Artists Need You

We are in scary times.  It appears that COVID-19 has shut down life as we know it in most places in the world.  

But the worst of this aside, from the obvious health implications, is that the gig economy will suffer the most. That includes musicians, singers, artists and all people who rely on the entertainment industry for their living.

Tours and concerts are being cancelled right and left, clubs are closing until it’s safe to congregate. No one is going out unless they have to. Shows and events are being postponed and rescheduled. That means those who depend on income from events are not gonna make that money. 

Live gigs are the lifeblood of artists , musicians, and performing songwriters. Insurance is most often not an option due to the high cost of having it ( just like healthcare!). And what’s worse, is many of those creative folks rely on part time jobs like waitressing, bartending, ride share and other hourly jobs to help pay the bills, even in good times.

With states of emergency and social distancing, all jobs like the above grind to a halt or are severely reduced for employees. Small business owners like clubs and restaurants rarely have enough insurance to cover full time employees much less the part-timers.

How you can Help

Despite the dire current circumstances requiring the need for social distancing, there are ways you can support your favorite musicians and bands.  Here’s how:

  • Buy their music online
  • Listen to them on streaming platforms
  • Buy their merch
  • Support and donate to organizations like MUSICARES
  • Support those who have PATREON and TWITCH accounts

We WILL get through this. We always do. And we’ll get through this alot better when we support each other when we can.