The Time’s they Are A Changin’ – 2019 Grammy Awards

TONIGHT – the GRAMMY Awards will be handed out to myriad artists, musicians, songwriters, producers,  genres of music, etc. etc. etc. There are a million opinions about who is deserving, who got left out, gratuitous nods, etc. Stars will be there, stars will not be there.  Welcome to the soap opera that constitutes, and always has, the Music Business.

Millions of viewers will tune in to see who wins, who loses, who gets hosed, all the groovy drama one can expect from these kinds of things.  The red carpet will explode with flashbulbs and fans will gawk at the celebrities and their dazzliing (or not) attire.

Exclusive parties have been held all week in LA, and exhausted winners, attendees and Biz Intelligencia will drag their tired selves onto planes, trains and the like tomorrow, headed back to the machinery that makes it all work. Who knows how many Ubers, Lyfts and of course the de rigeur blacked out SUVS and luxury car services will be there. No telling how much $$$ has been spent.

The venerable Recording Academy is in a frenzied transition. New leadership is being selected due to some quasi-catastrophic comments post-2018 show, and the Academy has recently accepted a boatload of new members in an effort to be more inclusive of women and minorities. And there are secret committees for the Big Four. Shocked?

MR411 has had a GRAMMY ringside seat for a long time, and voted for many many talented peeps.  Grab your popcorn and settle in….. it’s going to be a bumpy ride, but exciting for the creators, none the less.  And creativity is what we need to celebrate right?