Start Small – Dream Big

Some people just have a knack for starting things and then watching them grow into something big. Our friends Chuck Harmony and Claude Kelly are two such people. Hit songwriters and producers of  a ridiculous amount of music, it’s not surprising they have created another outlet for expanding one’s awareness and building bridges.

Moving from LA to Nashville two years ago, they knew very few people.  So, they decided to create something called “Tiny Book Club” to build community. They started with the few people they did know. Since both guys are super busy with Louis York, Weirdo Workshop (their new record label) super cool group The Shindellas, writing, producing and performing, they knew they didn’t have time to read long books.  So they decided to pick books less than 200 pages, books that would spur discussion and participation.

And, they set ground rules – no music biz stuff, no pitching songs or music.  Just community.  Bring your mind and your interest.

To ensure participation in TBC, they sent ebooks/PDFs of the chosen books to their peeps. As the TBC group has grown, audio books have also been included as well as podcasts.

Needless to say, it’s both a blast and a thought provoking experience – every time. New friendships are formed every month.  I have met lots of people I wouldn’t  have had an opportunity to come across….from all parts of town and from all sorts of professions. TBC members invite others they think would enjoy the club and camaderie.

Chuck Harmony, Beth Raebeck Hall, Claude Kelly


The Dream is Real – Find Yours

Just two years after it’s inception, Tiny Book Club has expanded to two other cities, Atlanta and Los Angeles. Other cities will continue to come online as word and enthusiasm spreads.

This is a good lesson in creativity, something we can all take to heart. Think about dreams you can grow to include others.

Here are a couple of takeaways from TBC:

  • find a point of connection and intersection between your interests and those of the people you want to meet (i.e. ‘people who are interested in reading and learning)
  • don’t be afraid to start with a small circle
  • be inclusive
  • encourage participation and discussion
  • include friends of others
  • provide value
  • make it reasonable to manage and particpate

What are you reading? What are you dreaming about?