Sing It!

Is your brain weary?  Mine is.  Seems like forever has been forever this year. Just when you thought it might be getting better,  well….. you know.

So what can you personally do to ‘making spirits bright’?  Song-i-fy everything!  What do I mean?  Turn all your thoughts good and frustrating into little ditties, or little songs.

You know the kind of nonsensical ones you used to make up when you were a kid. When I am talking to my 5 month-old grandson, sometimes I sing what I’m saying to entertain him.

You can do the same thing for yourself.  Another thing you can have fun with is make up your own lyrics to a familiar song and just sing it.

Or do it with a friend or family member. It can get quite silly but can also be alot of fun. And if you add beverages….. well you get the idea.

Have fun and SING!.

Of course you can also write a holiday song for real.

Write a naughty one.  Write a nice one.  Think twice and re-write.

Joy to the World, 2020 is almost over!