Kamaal Malak  of KM PRODUCTIONS

 Bass player for Arrested Development, Producer, Songwriter, Video Producer

‘Speaking Your Musical Truth and Why It Matters’

Thursday, July 16th 7 pm CST –  MusicRow411 Facebook Page


Next up in the series ‘Live from MusicRow411″ is Kamaal Malak, former bass player for Arrested Development and longtime producer and songwriter. As a  lifelong creator, Kamaal has travelled the world as a musician and worked with some of the biggest names in the business.

As the owner of KM Productions, he continues his creative genius producing not only music but, video, podcasts, working with film, and writing songs.  A native of Philadephia, he’s lived in both Los Angeles and Atlanta working as a professional musician.

Truth is important to Kamaal, especially in Music creation and Production.  He’s going to share his insights on what it means to create authentically, and why speaking your musical truth is important for both your career and your soul.

Tune in to ‘Live from MusicRow411‘ on Thursday, July 16 at 7pm (CST)  on the MusicRow411 Facebook Page, for another amazing discussion based on the real information you need.

Thank you Doug!! – Dougie D is a complete bada$$!

Doug DeAngelis ripped the roof off Thursday night! We promised you an evening of ‘Pulling Back the Curtain on Sync’, and boy did he deliver! Doug’s approach to teaching songwriters, musicians and composers about creating music for pictures is unique and quite a departure from the typical sync seminar. 

With over 4000 sync credits and  ridiculous music production credits as a songwriter, composer, musician, producer, engineer and remixer, DeAngelis has worked in every role imaginable and understands the nuances that are required to marry music and picture into a magical delivery. That’s why he is so brilliantly capable of sharing the type of advice that is not only reality based, but advice that teaches the critical psychology behind the sync process that delivers success to the creator if followed.

And he made it easy to understand for songwriters at any level. Obviously, he is gifted.  If you want a deeper dive into all things sync, Doug is teaching a course at Vanderbilt this fall that  explores everything he discussed in great depth. It’s called Music2Picture and registration opens July 15th.

You can register at:

https://vupace.vanderbilt.edu/?fbclid=IwAR26qGNv7LfehExd944X6vuSxr9OCk4-0TkHpagua6MgljYaFiIsQyP63nw . 

And breaking news, Doug has donated a really special prize to the Ultimate Songwriters Sweepstakes contest. You. Want.This.   Trust us so………….


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