You Are the Most Important

Working hard to create music, or art, is hard. Very often it’s extremely frustrating and can cause us great anxiety.

But the important thing to remember when you start feeling this way is that YOU are the most important element in the creative process. Therefore it is essential that you take the time and care you need to be healthy so you can create.

Mental health is a real thing.  So when you need to decompress and get away from writing or creating, get away!  You know what works best for yourself, whether it’s going for a walk or hike, going to the gym, reading, meeting friends.  It doesn’t matter what the specific is, it’s that you get away from the source of your stress.

Take a break and put your song/idea/composition away.  It will still be there when you are rested and recharged. The worst pressure is the pressure we put on ourselves, so make a promise to yourself to break the habit and know when you need to take a break.

Our physical health is imperative for functioning.  Plenty of sleep, good nutrition and LOTS of water are the best prescription to stay healty, and yes sane.  Sugar, energy drinks, alcohol and other substances deplete us despite the immediate feel good effect. 

So give yourself a break.  If you are looking for something fun, we highly recommend The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.  There are suggestions and fun ideas to help the ‘inner’ artist thrive.

We care about YOU. Because we know you have something great to share with the world!

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