What’s the problem? TIme? Tools? Talent?

If you’re feeling a bit frustrated writing songs or feel your band isn’t where it should be, it’s time to get out the magnifying glass.  No, there’s nothing wrong with your vision, but it may be time to look a bit closer at your work habits.


Everybody starts out with the best intentions when we set our goals for the year. Whether we’re creating new songs or musical projects, we start out doing what we said we would do, sticking to our plan, moving the needle a little bit at a time.

But after awhile, we notice things aren’t coming together or happening the way we thought they would.  Frustration creeps in because the desired outcome, whether it’s a good song, or more gigs, is not happening.

This is where the magnifying glass comes in. You need to look at what’s preventing your progress. Could it be your habits?

Doing things right on the front end goes a long way to minimize self sabotage.  You owe it to yourself and your music to be a Jedi Knight when it comes to learning. Sometimes this is hard, and uncomfortable. Yeah.

Try to figure out exactly where you are stuck, or what has stagnated in your plan. Once you have identified the problem, ask yourself why you think this has happened.

Is it a time issue?

  • Are you not spending enough time on the task (writing a song, calling clubs, practicing)?

Is it a tool issue?

  • Do you have what you need to accomplish your goal?
  • Such as a good way to record your songs, apps to help you, decent microphones etc.

Is it a talent issue?

  • Are you writing/playing with the appropriate people for your skill level and goals?
  • Do you have good people to give you honest feedback or are people just telling you what you want to hear?

Once you know what’s getting your way, you can move forward again.  If there are several things, don’t fret.  Just do what you were told back in elementary school and chunk it into doable tasks.  You’ll feel better and will start moving along again just as you intended.

Besides, goals are always being revised.  Just sayin’.