In their own words:

“There is no city on earth like Nashville, where music engulfs and permeates such a large percentage of its people. We are unique. While country music is king, there has always been a vibrant and relevant underground of other genres.

 That underground has risen above ground over the last decade with a rapid influx of non-country musical migrants.” 

Leave it to the other nashville society (T.O.N.S) to gather the best and the brightest at a birthday soiree opening night of MusicBiz2018.  You always meet lots of new and interesting peeps at these gatherings, and learn something too.

T.O.N.S founders

Founded last summer by 5 mavericks NOT in the country music industry, the org now numbers over 600 folks who work in every area of music and entertainment and work outside of the country music machine in Pop, Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Soul, Emo, Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz, Orchestral, Electronic, and Christian music scenes.

TONS Music Biz Party- Justin Hall (MR411), Brian Hueffner (Rootnote), Weston Newman (Goodpasture & Gray)

Needless to say the party was a blast and the cupcakes were delish!  Want to learn more?  Read here:…/the-other-nashville-society-connects-music-citys-diverse-creat…

Where are you networking and meeting like-minded peeps? There’s always a place:)