Super Fans – The People You Need 


What are they? The lifeblood of any artist’s career. They’re the die-hard folks who show up time after time, buy your merch and await every morsel of news about you and your career.

These folks are the most engaged with you, and are hopefully obsessed with you and your music.  You know, the peeps you really want to keep happy and interested.  They sustain you, see you through tough times, dry spells and root for you non stop.

Super Fans make up the biggest percentage of income for artists and bands because they want and feel a connection to you. And more importantly, they make up the biggest portion of your income over time.  Why? Because they’re willing to spend money on you, lots of it. And that’s a very good thing. Basically they obsess about you and your music.

Make them feel special, and they’re yours for life! People want to feel like they’re part of your inner circle.  And guess what? They will pay time and time again for this special attention. These are the people who make a career.

3 easy things to  start building a Super Fan base

1. Create real conversations with them

Be thoughtful and real in your messaging through the socials. Have a conversation, ask them their opinions about songs, what matters most to them, talk to them as if you were talking to a friend

2. Let them into your world

The trick is to give them a glimpse of the real you, your day, what you do when writing or recording a song, what happens before a show etc. This is all stuff they want to know. The more the better, remember we are talking SUPER fans, they can’t get enough.

3. Reward their loyalty – create special things just for them 

They want to be the top of the food chain in your world, get things regular fans can’t. This could be anything from releasing music early to only them, naming a special group for them ( like a club – think Taylor Swift “Swifties”).  Just starting out?  Send them a sticker or other low cost item that is branded just for them.  Use your imagination and creativity.

This is just the beginning, you can build on ideas as you grow and they grow.  Just know they WANT to be a part of your world and will reward you with their love , and their money for a long time.

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