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    So ….. the Ultimate Songwriters’s Sweepstakes kicked off on Thursday and we had a blast!

    Folks from all over the country signed up and joined us for the first ‘Live From Music Row411″ Thursday night on Facebook.

    Many thanks to our fabulous guests Kevin McCarty and Richard Casper, co-founders of the uber-cool and handy new music tech app for songwriting called We Should Write Sometime.  You simply must have it and IT’S FREE!!!  Get it here or from the IOS or GOOGLE PLAY store.

    ‘Find your perfect co-write! Our App uses swipe left/right technology to help you find songwriters in your area.’

    The We Should Write Sometime app will minimize all the challenges when it comes to finding, connecting, and collaborating with not only other songwriters but the right type of songwriters. We Should Write Sometime uses swipe left/right technology to help you find songwriters in your area.

    Seriously this is the perfect fix for those of you who don’t live in a Music Center but want to find people near you to collaborate with. You set up your profile and include all the information it asks for and voila! Swipe right to start finding new creative people to work with.  Even big name songwriters are using the platform and more and more join every day.

    This is just one example of the incredible things music tech is delivering to creatives, and we at MusicRow411 are fortunate to work with many of these innovaters. During the Sweepstakes, we’ll be introducing to many cool tools and resources that will help you move forward.

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    Join us Thursday, July 2nd at 7pm on the MusicRow411 Facebook page for :

     This week’s guest is the one and only publisher to the hitmakers and the stars, Whitney Daane – founder of DAANEgerous Entertainment. From running Madonna’s publishing company to opening the first creative office for mega entity KOBALT, she is responsible for over 500 multi-genre placements. She’s worked with numerous hit writers including  Shane McAnallyDesmond Child, Ryan Tedder,Travis Meadows,Robin Lerner,  Dennis Matosky, Brian Kennedy and too many others  to mention. As  a global force in music publishing working with writers and artists in Nashville, LA, New York and London, Whitney is passionate about songwriters and creative people and will be sharing her wisdom about “What Publishers Want You to Know”. Tune in for great info and hilarious conversation.

    “Live From MusicRow411” with Whitney Daane – DAANEgerous Entertainment – ‘What Publishers Want You to Know

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