Want to write songs for film and TV? 

If you want to position your songwriting for placements in the film, TV, & ad industries, you must be prepared!  SYNC, short for ‘synchronization’, is one of the potentially lucrative income streams for songwriters, composers and musicians. 

With all the streaming shows now available, sync is a burgeoning arena for song placement. If you’re good at it, and know what you’re doing, there is good money to make.

Success = Doing  it Right

That being said, you have to know what you are doing.  You can’t just go firing off your work to music supervisors and shows, there is a REAL art to it, and a process you must follow if you want to be successful. 

As we always stress in MR411 learning resources and courses, doing things the right way is what leads to success and access Truly, in the world of sync, it is CRITICAL to do things the right way.

So why not start out on the right foot and learn everything you need to know about songwriting for sync from one of the industry’s best? 

Doug DeAngelis is a dear friend and resident expert for MusicRow411. He held an insanely informative Q & A session in July during our ‘Live from MusicRow411″ series. People couldn’t get enough!

Although that session is now only available to MR411 membersyou can take a really deep dive into the world of sync with Doug in his 8 week class he’s teaching at Blair School of Music. And it’s online!!

Sync Online with Doug DeAngelis

Music to Picture – 8 Week Course:  Register at the link below


  • Get a live walkthrough on analyzing the filmmaker’s creative vision.
  • Understand what producers and directors see through their creative lens, and learn how they choose music for their soundtrack.
  • Create a roadmap for sync success!
  • Learn how to target the right shows for your style of music, and the best way to interface with the production company for all different types of licensing placements.
  • Become a trusted resource!
  • Get a deep dive on the 3 step process I use to organize and audition my music in order to ensure that I am only sending what the show needs.

About Doug:

With twenty years of experience as a BMI Award winning composer, songwriter, and music supervisor, Doug DeAngelis was instrumental in the emergence of independent music in television and film. With thousands of music placements in all mediums, his work was a cornerstone of the industry practice now referred to as ‘SYNCH’.

About the course:

This course is for songwriters, composers, publishers, and record label executives interested in the inner workings of film and television music, and the unique art of music to picture.