Imagine you have a great idea for a song. That’s easy right?
So you write it down in a notebook or on your phone. Done.

Some time passes, and you keep thinking about your song idea, but you don’t quite know how to take it from an idea to a solid song. And you don’t really know where it fits on the musical spectrum.

Should it be an uptempo pop song or do you hear part of it being a rap? Now you’re really confused. But you don’t have to be. We’ve all been there, many times.

Here at MR411 we’ve broken songwriting down into easily understandable chunks of information in small batch videos.You can go back a million times and rewatch them, listen to them, make notes and do the exercises. These all help you grow your baby idea into a fully formed song.

Don’t be frustrated, be curious. Why not learn best practices of the songwriting world from the get-go? It’s fun to see your idea morph and grow into a solid song.

Songwriting success is more about hard work than anything else. Yep. Learning how to do it the ‘write’ way will save you tons of time and hours of mistakes and frustration. It will also build your confidence which makes writing the next ones easier.

What’s stopping you? Your song is waiting to be born and given life. You can get started here.