What Kind of Band R U?

So you’re in a band. Well kind of. You say you’re in a band but it’s still all kind of fuzzy because none of you agree on what kind of band you are.

People are bugging you to play, because you’ve been talking about your band. And your bass player has already told his friend at a club your band is awesome and would love to play there when he has an opening.

All of this is terribly exciting, but you have some things to do first, before you start booking gigs.  How long does it talk to be gig-ready?  Believe it or not, there are really important questions to  answer and think through even before you start rehearsing or booking dates.  Really important ones. Like – everyone needs to be on the same page about who and what you are, what you want to do and where you want to go.

It’s super important to go about the business of your band from the beginning. If you start off on the right foot collectively, it will

1) make you a better, tighter band

2) save time, money and hurt feelings and

3) give you a foundation to operate from and build everything on.

What are we talking about here? Yeah, you all agree you want to play music together.  You’ve been talking about it for a long time and are all friends, so what’s the big deal?  You all love music right? Well, Johnny was in an alt-rock band, Sam loves metal and Freddie likes motown and classic rock.

The biggest question you need to be able to answer, and be really clear about is, “what kind of band are we?”.  That may seem like an obvious question, but you’d  be surprised how many people start bands thinking everyone is on board with the same things, only to find out later, that everyone has their own opinion, and their own agenda for the band.

Musicians are creative people, it’s their job to be different and have an opinion. But not if 3 people think the band is a pop-rock outfit and one person wants it to be alt-country,

This should be a fun process of exploration you undertake together and fine tune.  The end result will be a focused and tight group of people playing together for and with the same purpose. It’s not enough to just be a bad-ass musician -you’ve got to be able to communicate with each other.

There are tons of questions to answer as a band, but guess what?  Once you start talking about them together, you’ll find you have more answers than you think and will be able to get to the good stuff – the music!

We’ve put the basic best practices for being in a band together all in one place to make it easy to cover.  Getting into good habits together as a band will help make your band be better and smarter, leaving you more time for practice and playing, learning and writing more songs and booking gigs.