Banish the Blahs!

Suffering from the blahs?  About this time of year, we’ve all fallen off the wagon when it comes to our New Year’s resolutions.  Did you set some songwriting or music goals that have fallen a bit behind? Having a hardtime cranking the creative engine?

Not to worry, it happens.   NEWSFLASH – every day is a new day to start over! Instead of beating yourself up over something, why not make a pledge to do just one thing this month to move your creative output forward,

If you are having trouble figuring even that out here are a few suggestions that are all doable, and easy to work on.

  • Come up with five new song titles
  • Review song structures to determine the best one for your idea
  • Record your song into your phone and then review it,  What can you improve?
  • Find a songwriting buddy or co-writer
  • Make a plan to demo your best song

Or go see some shows for inspiration:)

Once you choose something easy to work on, mark it on the calendar and reward yourself! It’s important to have a visual reminder  you accomplished a goal, and having a chocolate or two (or whatever is your idea of a treat) makes it even sweeter!

If you truly want to get your game in gear, check out Better Songwriting 101.