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The Stuff You Need To Up Your Game

Music Row 411 gives you the latest information, resources and tools to succeed in the Music Biz of the  21st Century.”best practice” programs. Our courses provide actionable information you can use right now. These are presented in high-quality video segments.

So much information!!!  What’s right for you and your career?

MR411 courses and products are straight-to-the-point, full of reality-based facts. We teach you how to do it right the first time, and provide resources and tools to be competitive in today’s market.

Your time is valuable and you work hard for your money. That’s why all MR411 products come with our “Love It or Leave It” money-back guarantee. 

Better Songwriting 101

Better Songwriting 101 provides everything you need to improve your songwriting skills. You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify and use major song structures
  • Recognize and write songs that work today
  • Develop a pro mindset
  • Learn proper industry etiquette
  • Create productivity systems for success 
  • Write ‘in the flow’
  • Edit your songs ruthlessly
  • Prepare & record your music like a pro 
  • Access to checklists
  • Step-by-step guides
  • Music Tech tools

You’ll learn to write a solid song that fits into today’s music landscape and learn how to create a professional song & demos that can move you forward.

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Building Better Bands

101 & 102

Building A Better Band 101 & 102 both contain the necessary critical fundamentals you need to build a successful working band. 

Whether you want to start a band to play local gigs, expand your performing opportunities or go pro as an Indie Artist, we teach you how do it the right way, the first time.  Give yourself every advantage by learning how the pros do it. 

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Booking Better Gigs 101

Booking Better Gigs 101 is all about how to up your game  for band success. That means playing better shows and building a solid name for yourself and your brand.

If you want to upgrade your booking abilities and get better-paying gigs, we show you how to navigate live shows, live streams and hybrid gigs. You’ll learn proven methods of booking more gigs.

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Better Branding & Digital Marketing 101


Better Brand & Digital Marketing 101 is full of industry wisdom and methods for the digital and streaming age.

You’ll learn best practice marketing and branding tips for today’s competitive music scene. Learn how to build, grow and keep fans and determine which channels are best for your music and your brand.

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Being Well, Staying Curious 101

Life in the music industry is hard and stressful.  Mental health is extremely important and can be neglected.

You need balance, belief, and dedication to a lifestyle that supports your dreams. We help you learn how to juggle the demands of life as a creative –  mind, body, and spirit.

It’s also important to keep  fueling the curiosity that drives successful people to new pinnacles of achievement. You are totally worth it!

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