BREATHE!!! We made it!

Welcome creators and songwriters to a new year, and a new you! We all have a chance to reset, to recharge and renew. Good things are ahead and the sooner we start planning and adopting a winning mindset the sooner we will embrace our dreams and goals.

Yes, there are still challenges and problems, but the opportunity is all around. Why not take the weekend to think about what you REALLY want in 2021. Then make a couple of notes about ways to make them happen. Our youngest son recommended ‘themes’ instead of goals or resolutions. For example, January’s theme is Productivity. What behaviors can you adopt or reinforce to make yourself more productive in __?___ or accomplish _____?____. It all comes down to mindset.

And as we continually advise, because WE have to do this ourselves, is break it down into little chunks and focus on the ‘day’. Every morning you get to start over, so have at it.

We wish you many blessings, health & happiness and lots of sunny days and great songwriting ideas!

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