Time to Plant Some New Song Seeds!

Fill your Song Garden with lots of new ideas! Spring has Sprung!!

Inspiration is everywhere!  New buds on trees, flowers emerging from their wintry sleep, the smell of fresh-cut grass  the crack of baseballs flying.  Longer hours of daylight.  Makes you want to play hooky from everything and just soak it all in and crank up the music!

That’s exactly what you should do – crank up the music, YOUR music!  Time to ferment some new tunes, free the ideas that have been hunkered down in that winter brain of yours,  Renewal, that’s what we’re talkin’ about!

Spring is full of hope, and fun! So write about it!  Just let it rip’ in that notebook or app of yours. People always want to hear new stuff in the spring, so what are you waiting for?

  • Take your guitar outside on a beautiful day, think about how great it is to be outdoors enjoying the weather
  • Write a ‘getaway” or ‘roadtrip’ idea
  • Write a drinking song
  • Write an infatuation or “I’ve got the hots for ____” song
  • Pop the top on a cold one
  • Go for a walk and sing into your phone
  • Meet some friends at an outdoor bar or coffee shop, start chattin’ about life, and note topics that are fun, real, clever etc.
  • Go on a roadtrip and re-charge your batteries  ( you’ll find inspiration along the way)
  • Go to an outdoor show or festival
  • Buy a new t-shirt

You can add as many things to the list as you like, just have fun with it.  Be silly, be sassy. Have FUN!! Don’t edit your ideas, just get em’ down.  You can go back later and pick out the best