Why Does this always happen when you’re trying to get to a gig?

Holy Guacamole!!,

More than likely, a meteor is not going to come crashing down on your vehicle, or kill you in the process. The above photo is actually a famous art installation at The Hirschhorn Art Mueseum in Washington, D.C.  But it beautifully illustrates the point sometimes things happen beyond your control.

If you’re a band or performing songwriter who is actively gigging, we’re talking to you. Guess what? Murphy’s Law is always lurking around the corner.  And the best way not to become a good friend of Murphy, and his law, is to be prepared.

If you don’t, you’ll be totally screwed when you least need to be. Bad traffic and accidents happen. Guitar strings break.  All sorts of other things can pop up -things  beyond your contro.But, there are things you can do on the front end to minimize the havoc and disruption unexpected events can bring.

  1. Always, always, always build in lots of extra time for travel, even if it is only a local gig.
  2. Make sure to have your phone charged and a charger for your car or van
  3. Make sure to have extra sets of crucial things like guitar strings, drum sticks, and other things that can break.
  4. Carry water and snacks to tide you over should you get stuck.
  5. Make sure you have a spare tire and jumper cables 
  6. Having emergency roadside assistance like AAA is crucial
  7. Make sure to have contact information for the venue to keep them apprised of your situation.
  8. Create a checklist to help you prepare for the unexpected

Planning can save you time, money and your sanity, so be prepared!