Everybody can use more gigs right? But sometimes it is hard to know how you can expand the number of gigs you play, and how to get into new clubs and venues.

You’ve heard of word of mouth right? It’s the best way for artists and bands to find the right fit for their music.  By talking to other musicians and bands you know, you can get the scoop on what clubs are hot, what clubs are likely to book your kind of music, and most importantly, who you can contact.

Here’s how to get going:

Listen to music!

You’ve got to go to as many shows, including songwriter nights, as you can. Get familiar with what’s getting booked and who the performers are.  If you don’t know them, find an appropriate way to meet them either through an introduction, or by going to their socials and contacting them.

Tip: Always be supportive of their music first, not yours.  It’s a relationship businesss remember?

Find Others thru Meetup Groups

Don’t know any local musicians or songwriters?  Start a meetup group in your area for other songwriters and musicians.  Keep the description simple but well defined.

Tip:  Think thru where you could meet if your crib isn’t big enough, maybe a coffeeshop or community center.  Libraries often have rooms for public use.  Also limit it to 1-2 hours and include contact info.  Google  meetup groups

Know the Decision Makers 

If you go to enough shows at the same clubs or venues, you will start to recognize the people who obviously work there and have something to do with the club.  Get to know someone through casual conversation, and then after you have seen them once or twice and they recognize you, politely ask them what the protocol is for booking gigs there and get the contact info of who the decision maker is.

Tip:  People at clubs are super busy, and often handle multiple duties.  Their time is non-existent.  If you’re told to email x, EMAIL X.  Whatever you do, do not become overbearing or a nuisance, they will remember you for the WRONG reasons.

We cover the right way to handle all of this in our Bands and Gig courses.

Learn and Do Your Homework

Another way to get more information and network with others is by attending Music Business or Entertainment seminars.  Many colleges have them. You will meet other people trying to do the same things and hopefully be able to exchange contact information. We have literally met thousands of great people over the years at these events. Make sure to have something you can hand them with your contact info.  

Tip:  Try to match whatever you want to learn to where you are on a skill/experience level.  There is SO much to learn, and you don’t want to overwhelm yourself if you are just starting out.  The Indie Bible is another excellent resource that lists a gazillion clubs and voenues, media outlets, all kinds of things.  Information is updated each year.

We’ve put all the fundamental information about making your band great and booking better gigs into our resources. They will save you alot of time and confusion and help you move forward in a current, and organized way.

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