In honor of Nashville hosting the 2019 NFL Draft, we have reposted a portion of a previous post


We are a culture of entertainment, particularly when it comes to music and sports.  Nashville is Music City USA, and a world-renowned music center for all kinds of music.  The NFL represents the largest sport, and most financially successful sport, FOOTBALL.

Music and Sports are both considered entertainment. They thrive based on the spending of our disposable income.  Both instill passion and loyalty in their fans, and the stars and players of each are revered, often elevated to an almost God-like status at times.

Sports and music create hopes, dreams and aspirations for people all over the world, some very personal, and some as a collective of the people.  We root for our teams, we sing along to our favorite songs and we revel in the spectacle of performance and achievement. Everybody loves a winner.

Too often, we forget the underpinnings of all this success and celebration.  Each person, each player, each tour manager, each trainer, each coach, each band member and each songwriter – basically everybody involved on the road to success,has something in common – namely passion and hard work.  All are part of the triumph and also of the heartbreak encountered along the way. All are part of the chain, and integral links in the journey and the destination.

People in music and sports know and share the same universal knowledge –  it takes a team to succeed,  and each team member doing their best is critical and vital to success of the individual, and the organization. They  know there are no guarantees, ever.

But they also know when people combine their individual passions and visions, relentless hard work and dedication, and are driven to find the right team to work with….magical things are not only possible, but happen!

Nashville, TN – April 25, 2019: Robin Roberts and Taylor Swift on the ABC set during the 2019 NFL Draft (Photo by Phil Ellsworth / ESPN Images)