Are You Betting on Yourself?

Bracket madness abounds in March as NCAA Basketball invades every office, club, home and clubhouse.  Seems like everyone wants to bet on their favorite teams and hedge their bets to determine the winners of this annual tournament.

So what do you have in common with Basketball fans and March Madness? The bottom line is – Are You Willing to Bet on Yourself and Your Dreams?  

You are a winner if you want to be.  Yaaas.  Tha’s right.  Winning is a mindset as much as it is skill and practice.  You have to believe you can win. Because it is your game, i.e. your life/dream, you can stack the odds in your favor.

Ask any athlete, any competitor or amateur enthusiast, and they will tell you these things:

  • You have to put in the work
  • You have to learn the game
  • You have to undertstand the rules
  • You have to play with the best teammates available to you

Same things apply to just about everything in life, and particularly songwriting and musicianship. Everybody feels clueless and adrift when just starting out.  Everyone feels like they’ll never move forward, everyone makes mistakes. Everyone has self-doubt. You are NOT alone – look around.

Even if you live away from the music centers of the world, you can improve your game. You can get better. You can move forward. 100%.

If you are feeling stuck, here are a few tips to get you going.  See how many more things you can add to the list.

  • Start somewhere – an idea, a chorus, a riff
  • Buy a notebook or journal dedicated to your creative efforts
  • Go online and research the people you admire and how they got started
  • Write/practice everyday, start small and build up your time
  • Set some reachable goals i.e. write/finish a song, learn some new chords
  • Find other people to talk to about music, write music with
  • Listen to music and ask yourself why you love it
  • Start thinking of yourself as a songwriter or musician even if you aren’t ready to share your creations with the world

If you commit to one, several or all of the above you are on your way to being a winner. Remember you are the one to determine what game you play, at what level and how hard you want to work to get there so GET GOING!

If you want to learn from the best check out the courses at This investment in yourself can save untold amount of time and get you off on the right foot by investing in yourself.

We’re here to help and want you to succeed!