Success the Luck of the Irish? Or Result of Hard Work?

March is the month of St. Patrick’s Day and all things green. Green is also the color of money.  Supposedly, leprechauns can lead you to a pot of gold (money), or with ‘the luck of the Irish’ great things can happen (success).  Does money + luck = SUCCESS?  Maybe, but maybe not.

According to Oxford Online:



mass noun

  • 1.The accomplishment of an aim or purpose

How do you define success?  Success means lots of different things to different people, particularly when it comes to defining success in the Music Industry. Or Songwriting, or Having a Band.

The most important thing to remember about the definition of Success in the Music Business is – it looks very different at every level. NEWSFLASH – the top of the food chain is not the only barometer of success. Success comes in many forms.

The reason to keep this in mind?  Because YOU can be successful in many ways, even before you start earning the big bucks. Or don’t. What??? Don’t?  What in the Sam Hill can that possibly mean?

Let’s look more closely at what Success can look like for you.

  • How about finishing a song? If you’re new to songwriting, this is a win!  When you have:
    • Worked hard on an idea,
    • Determined an appropriate song structure,
    • Written lyrics and melody, and
    • Revised and rewritten a song… that is success!

Don’t kid yourself, we didn’t say easy did we?  But learning how to complete a song for a new songwriter is definitely a success.

Maybe you’re a bit farther along in your songwriting career….

  • Getting your song heard or accepted by a publisher is a success.
  • Having your song performed by a local band or artist is a success.
  • Performing your finished song for people in public are all examples of success.

Heck, even if you alone feel good about your finished song, and have no intention of performing or pitching your song, it still is a success.

So, there are lots of successes you can celebrate along the way, even if it doesn’t result in a big pile of green dollar bills! The best part of all? It’s not a function of luck. It’s a function of hard work. Your hard work is success.

Because you are a success every day you get up and try to get better, write better, and be better.  And you don’t even have to be Irish!