Love the One You’re With

Love is a universal topic in songwriting that has been around forever. Every generation, every genre, every artist, every songwriter has an arsenal of love songs. Why? Because humans are drawn to the subject.

We’re in love, falling out of love, our love has been replaced by someone elses love, our love has been disrespected /abused by cheating, we’re lonely looking for love. We love someone we can’t have, we’ll never find another love like the one we have. Love Hurts.  Etc. Etc.

Love sells records, fills streaming and terrestrial playlists. Love songs are dedicated on the radio. Love songs fill up talent and song contests. Love songs make great slow-dance opportunities. I’m sure you can fill in a thousand more things driven by love and love songs.




But, at this time of the year, EVERYBODY is reminded of love songs because February is the month of Valentines Day.  In 2020 planned Valentine’s Day retail sells are estimated to be around $27.4 billion according to website

It’s the perfect time to write or record a love song. Or practice writing one. There are so many ways to write about love – from a pasionate personal viewpoint, or  a sad one.  What about a funny one?  Here’s a fun exercise to get your creative juices flowing.  Make a list of all your favorite love songs, doesn’t matter when they are from. If you’re like me, I have a ton of favorite songs from many decades.   Many love songs are evergreen.  And we love to hear our favorites over and over again.

Dolly and Whitney singing “I Will Always Love You”, “All You Need is Love” “She Will Be Loved”;

”Love  Hurts” and so many more!!

Here’s a fun exercise to get your creative juices going.  Make a list of ten of your favorite love songs ( from any era).  Now, just for fun.  Re-write the lyrics to each one in your own words.

That’s it! We love you:)