HApppy 4th!

Songs! Bands! Concerts! oh my..!

YAY Music!!!!!

The dark days are over and Live Music HAS RETURNED!   This is a cause to celebrate and to support the musicians and songwriters who have resumed their warrior selves to hit the road, hit the clubs and show up to share their art, and connect with people.  Thank God!

As the clubs and venues continue to open up, it is also super important to support them and all the people who work there.  Those folks have been hurting too, and we need to show our love and support to keep them employed again.


Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on a ticket for some of my favorite people and bands who are resuming

 their live shows. Songwriters, bands, iconic superstars…..BRING IT!

What shows have YOU been dreaming about.  Jason Isbell? Elton John? Chris Stapleton or Marcus King?  Garth Brooks sold out a stadium in about 3 seconds. And people are coming back in droves to support their favorite songwriters, bands, and the festivals that are coming back online.


Here are some tips if you’re headed out to live events outdoors:

  • SUNSCREEN – and reapply often if you’re gonna be there awhile
  • STAY HYDRATED!!!! – lots of water folks, even if you are drinking adult beverages you need LOTS of water. Temps are insanely elevated this summer.
  • SHOW UP RESTED – see above point. This year the high temperatures put addtional stress on our cardiovascular systems so make sure you are getting your sleep!
  • Things happen, and officials need to have a point of contact should you need it.  Besides, you need it to purchase alcoholic beverages.
  • Credit card or cash for merch, food and drink
  • Stay safe and Celebrate your Freedom – not everyone on the planet has the same freedoms as we do.



We believe in you and your careers, your dreams and your well being.  We are here to serve and help you get better. DO. IT. Now! Be there or be square!

Love Beth & Justin xoxo