What is Your Passion?  

Marry your passion to a career

You can succeed in great measure in just about anything, if you’re passionate about it. To be successful in anything music, especially songwriting and performing, your passion is the secret sauce that can  take you where you want to go.

Even if you’re not where you ideally want to be in your career, you can still attract fans who love you ….if they see that you are madly in love with what you do.  There is a magic in passion that attracts people, and sucks them into your web of love.

Watch your favorite singers or musicians and note how they seem to lose themselves in what they are doing.  They are giving it their all, arent’ they?

How can you do this?

Practice with enthusiasm

One of the most helpful things to do, is to see how you come across to your audience, whether you’re singing, playing or even talking.

Get your phone out -set it up to record yourself.  You can do this at a gig, a rehearsal or perform for a friend, as if you were at a gig.

Are you excited about what you are doing? Does it show?

Now we don’t mean be cheesy or overly dramatic. That’s for the poseurs. Think about these:

  • Do you seem intent on delivering your song with emotion  appropriate to the subject of the song?

What does this mean?


  • are you using dynamics to deliver your song, feeling the ebb and flow of the performance, so that it does not all sound the same?

For example…..If it’s an uptempo song –

  • are you building the intensity so the chorus can take off?
  • Are you having fun?
  • Is it a joy to be on stage?

Or if it’s a tender ballad,

  • are you delivering the emotion you want to convey…. sorrow, envy, undying love for the person in the song you are singing to?

These are just a couple of things to think about. But believe us when we tell you it’s all about showing the audience and your fans the passion for what you do.

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