Jeremy Brook – The Brook Law Firm

‘Legal Matters – What You Need to Know from the Get GO’

Thursday, July 23th 7 pm CST –  MusicRow411 Facebook Page

Do you know how to protect your song or master recording? Do you understand how the law views ownership of your creation? What are some of the most common mistakes creators make when it comes to insuring your intellectual property is legally yours? 

These are just some of the questions every creator needs to know the answers to.  The law is super complicated when it companys to intellectual property. Its always the fine print that trips up creators who don’t know what their legal rights are, or what THEY need to do to make sure they are not only getting their fair share, but that they are properly credited for their ownership of their works.

We’ve always been told, and truly believe you should get the best advice possible for legal and money matters.  It saves you time, money and heartache when you know the information you’re getting is expert – from someone who stays abreast of all the nuances and changes that happen within intellectual property law.

One of the sharpest legal minds in the entertainment world is coming to ‘Live from MusicRow411 is going to share his expertise on legal basics.

Jeremy Brook is an entertainment, music, and business attorney. His clients include recording artists, songwriters, producers, film production companies, entrepreneurs, investors, and other businesses serving the needs of the music, film, and entertainment industries. His broad transactional law background  includes music and film industry contracts and licensing, business entity structuring and strategy, mergers and acquisitions, debt financing and commercial lending, and real estate.

Jeremy brings a varied and unique perspective to each client’s business. Prior to venturing out on his own, Jeremy was an attorney at Stites & Harbison for seven years. 

While a deep love for music developed in Jeremy’s teenage years, during his time at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia,  he honed this passion into a focused career path. Studying for two degrees in the town that legends such as REM and the B-52s call home nurtured Jeremy’s interest in music, and he then made the move to Nashville to pursue a career in entertainment law after completing his law degree. 

And BTW…..Jeremy’s not only a legal badass but a gourmet cook, tremendous supporter of his clients (he goes to their shows) and devoted father and husband. And he plays the bass.

And of course …………………………………

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Legal Matters – What You MUST Know from the Get GO!’

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