2020 marks the decade of creator empowerment and the independent creator. Most independent artists are also songwriters.  So it stands to reason to see more services and tech apps coming online to  meet their needs – CD Baby and Tunecore do this for artists.  

*BTW, in case you hadn’t heard…. CD BABY is doing away with it’s online music store for artists.  After 20 years, the competition not only caught up, but warehousing physical product is an obsolete proposition. 

Today, just about any service a songwriter or  artist needs is readily available without being signed to a publishing deal or major or indie label. For that matter, Indie artists really don’t need labels to deliver music and product to fans.  Promotion, booking, merch, radio promotion, distribution, publicity/ marketing, fan communication can all be done in-house or with outsourced services/companies.

Artists and Songwriters now have loads of software,apps, electronic tools, home studios – just about everything they need to write/ record songs, and get them out.


Why not join the Indie revolution?  There’s no better time than now to get your career off the ground, or in gear.  MR411 provides you with the best, current information in our courses, and there is TONS of free information for the having in SO MANY places!

You can learn just about anything, connect with other writers and musicians, join songwriting organizations and book gigs anywhere in the world.  The tools are available, pick the ones best suited to your needs and level of your career, No sense in getting stuff that is too complicated or hard to use.  You can always upgrade later or add to your creative toolbox.

As we say again and again, just do it!  Having trouble getting going?  Do a little each day.  Write it down.  Before you know it you’ll see you’ve been doing the work.  It’s all about the work and the practice. You know you can do it, and BTW, nobody is checking up on you or grading your effort!

Nike build an empire on the saying “Just Do IT!”.  You can too!