About HUDL Music…
HUDL MUSIC gives the fiercely independent artist, a place to showcase your unique talents easily, free of heavy monthly fees for things you don’t need. They’re there to help you not have to string together six
different platforms just to get your creations seen and heard.

From Digital Music News – edited

Don’t Rely Solely on Likes and Comments


“Instagram alone is not a marketing plan,” HUDL Music’s Founder & CEO La’Shion Robinson told Digital Music News. “It simply cannot be your only marketing tool if you’re serious about building a music career, but we see independent artists, bands, and musicians falling into this trap of misdirected thinking every single day.” 



Besides attempting to make it easier for indie artists to maximize

their exposure to actual fans and cease dropping cash on crowded

services with decidedly limited upsides, HUDL Music is looking  to 

facilitate meaningful collaboration.


In this way, creators can conceivably replace their endless search for likes and comments (which are nevertheless part of HUDL Music’s nuanced offering) with meaningful professional opportunities and worthwhile connections with supporters, who HUDL Music says can quickly find new music and back their favorite artists on-platform.

TipJar – $1/month


HUDL Music intends to build upon its quick-growing global community of indie musicians, music professionals, and fans by expanding into other critical areas for artists. For example, HUDL Music’s TipJar – which debuted well before the COVID-19 pandemic – is a stark contrast to many competing companies’ reactive, last-minute tipping-service launches.

It costs $1 per month and allows artists to keep 100 percent of their earnings, regardless of the amount.

Free Music Promotion Tool – Embeddable Players

Similarly, the free music promotion service has released an all-encompassing embeddable player, which “works with all albums, tracks, playlists, and even podcasts that you add to your HUDL Music profile.”

This feature could potentially help independent artists combat the many issues associated with leading streaming platforms.

These problems include but are not limited to:

HUDL Music isn’t a streaming service – nor is the platform designed to

compete with music streaming giants like Spotify and Apple Music.

Rather, HUDL Music is focused on merging the most advantageous

components of social media, distribution services, and more.

In the distribution realm, HUDL Music doesn’t intend to supplant indie-distribution leaders such as Tunecore and DistroKid – but offers the option (including unlimited distribution) to artists for $10 per month as part of a larger effort to bolster the overarching digital ecosystem.

Moreover, HUDL Music execs in our discussion emphasized prominent distribution services’ perceived lack of functionality on the social side, which creates a silo effect. Inversely, HUDL Music has built and continues to add upon a centralized toolbox model with a social and community aspect baked in.

The latter provides less noise (ala Instagram) and more meaningful potential connections, yielding a major opportunity for collaboration between artists around the globe.

Music Industry Moving to Merged Service Options

Massive funding rounds and noteworthy usership stats suggest the music industry is already trending towards consolidated management choices across royalties, distribution, sync, and marketing. HUDL Music is looking to bring these and other elements together into an all-encompassing platform with a strong potential for further growth.

Specifically, HUDL Music is preparing to integrate with Bandsintown (so indie fans can promptly check out local gigs as well as livestream shows), launch a more video-focused Linktree option for artists, and make available a music industry jobs board for auditions and performance opportunities.

It’s always important as a songwriter or performer to be on the lookout for tools that can simplify the business and marketing tasks necessary to promote your music. 

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