One  of the best things you can do for yourself is practice gratitude every day.  There are alot of reasons but it connects you to good things, it reminds you of what you DO have and it helps your brain’s neural pathways.

You can find your own way to express or recognize your gratitude but here are some things we have found helpful:

Start Your Day with Being Grateful

As you are waking up, remind yourself, outloud or silently, of all the things you are for. It could be your family, your friends, your job, a warm bed, food to eat.  Whatever you are truly grateful for.  It can be short, long, whatever you want.  The important thing is to get started to create a habit.

If you have a prayer or meditation practice, you can incorporate it into what you currently do. It will set the tone for the upcoming day.

If You Find Yourself Anxious or Negative During the Day

Sometimes life has a way of making us anxious or negative during our day.  We are rushed, we are behind, our presentation didn’t go well, a friend called to cancel last minute….. etc. etc.

That’s just life but these things can trigger anxiety or feeling bad.  It just happens.  Taking 5 minutes to remind ourselves of what we are grateful for is a good way to break the tension of the moment or feelings and redirect ourselves back to the present moment and to focus on good again.  Yes there are days that are just plain yucky and nothing seems to go right.  But being grateful can give you a break and a bit of relief.  Try it.

End Your Day with Gratitude

 As you start to drift off to sleep, why not run a silent mental list of things you are grateful for or the good things that happened during the day.  It is a good way to prepare your mind for sleep and remind yourself of what you have.  Even if the day has not gone well, or something unforseen has happened to upset you, you can always be grateful that tomorrow is another day and a chance to reset.

I am very grateful for you and our MR411 community and for the opportunity to share our knowledge with you. Remember that you are unique and that you have a wonderful voice to speak in, this is how you make your dreams a reality!