Grateful and Restless


How are you feeling?  That seems to be the question of the day, every day. For weeks, going on months and who knows how far out into the future?

I’m not sure. It changes from day to day. I have a certain suspicion that is the feeling most of us have as we navigate these uncharted waters. Yes 911 changed us and the world forever, but this is different. 


First, I am incredibly grateful. I am grateful to be healthy, that my family is healthy. That we are still employed, that we have a roof over our heads, have food, have healthcare, and many other blessings.  I am grateful to live in a city that cares about community and the well being of all who live here.

The music is quiet now. The bars and clubs are closed. The studios silent. The industry gatherings and events have moved online for outreach, for help and for caring. Just as we are a city of music we are a city of community and the response to help others is everywhere.

But it still scary. The great unknowns surround us and IRL remains suspended  in many areas.  


I am restless. Walks in our beautiful parks are great.  Team meetings and others on Zoom have purpose, but drain me by the end of the week.  Sometimes spare time spent on hobbies leaves me unfulfilled and projects are abandoned before completion. Why? Because I am restless.

It’s not just WFH or being limited to home and vital treks out.  It’s me.  I’ve always been curious, and that kid who wants to know “But why?”.  So now all of that is even more intense.  Are you an optimist?  I’d like to think most of us are. But somehow I think we’re all wondering ‘what changes are taking place inside of me?’ ‘What will our new reality look and feel like?” “Just how bad can it get?” “Why aren’t some people getting it?”

HOPE – Moving Forward

Despite my restless state, I do feel we are moving forward, if not in synchronicity, in community.  There is a  a wonderful new sense of people being human beings again, of working together and coming together.  The world actually stopped. It made people reset. It refocused things. Simplicity is the order of the day. We are reaching out sincerely and helping one another.

Let’s hope that these are the things that become the new normal.

Beth Raebeck Hall is the founder and CEO of Music Row 411. She is a Grammy nominated and award winning founder of Tin Pan South. She lives in Nashville with her husband of 38 years, serving as an mentor for Project Music and advisor to tech focused music startups.