Hit songwriter Rodney Clawson at the famous Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, TN
 There’s something magical about live music. Playing gigs is exhilirating, and tons of fun. It’s something you have to do. Because even if only a few people are there, you’re playing live music! And building a tribe of fans, one at a time.
Gigs are the lifeblood of a musician’s life.  But you knew that!  Everybody wants more and better gigs, right? Do you dream of playing regular gigs in your hometown? Once a week?  Once a month? What about going on tour?  Maybe that’s your dream….or being a badass who’s in demand for shows all the time?  Sound good?

Guess what? You got this. But you gotta do the work…By learning what’s behind the ‘magic curtain’, you get a competitive advantage for playing live. Learning how to do it right from the start will help you gain confidence to create more and better opportunities for yourself and your band.

You’ve got to be ready and we’re here to help you prepare for your big break. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Practice, Practice, Practice

Firstyou’ve got to be good enough to get on stage. Not because you ‘think’ you’re good, but because you can actually play and sing without people throwing things at you. Just kidding, but not really. You have to be relentless about practicing, singing and playing.  Nobody expects newbies to have hit-worthy original songs, but you don’t want people saying ‘why is this clown performing? they really suck!’
2. Check Your Ego at the Door
Once you get on stage remember that everyone has to start somewhere.  Every band, songwriter and artist you idolize had to do the same thing you’re doing. Remember that every gig is a competition, even if someone is willing to take a chance on you and give you a shot. But If you can play your instrument reasonably well without a ton of mistakes and being clumsy, and sing to show people you actually took the time to learn and feel the song, you can get on stage and win big. If you can’t do these things, go back to step 1.
3. Keep it Tight
You don’t have to have a full hour long set ready either.  This is true whether you’re a singer/songwriter or a band just starting out. If you take your time to really nail a few songs, say 3-5, you’re good to go. And yes, you can have a cover in there as well.

See? That wasn’t so hairy or scary was it?

You can totally do these things. So what are you waiting for? Time to put the dream playbook in motion.

Don’t know where to start?  We’ve made it easy for you by putting things in order and outlining the basics everyone needs to know and learn. It’s not rocket science folks, it just takes time and planning. There is ALWAYS room for new music and new talent.  So why not get started on your dreams today by learning how to do it right.  Click here to see how you can get started.  You got this!