Are you one of the millions of people who journal everyday?

I am, sort of. Well I used to be. I know I need to get back into it and I’ve been a slacker lately. Truth.

You probably have similar statements, but maybe not. Maybe you faithfully journal every day. If so, you can skip reading this. But if any of the above statements ring true for you, read on…..

MusicCares Always Doing Something

One of the benefits of being a member of the Recording Academy (The Grammy’s) is that they provide stellar workshops and programs for members of all types.

I recently received a notice about a Journaling event and thought, ‘hey I need this. I need to get back into it. ” Duh.

It doesn’t matter what we covered, but needless to say the instructors made us think, made us ask questions, made us reflect, gave us homework. It was just the thing to jumpstart my motivation and reconnect to the reason people journal – discovery and reflection.

We are complicated beings

We spend so much time rushing around, getting things done, filling up our calendars with tasks and doings, we forget to stop, to listen. To ourselves.

Each of us is a complex, squishy and individual being. Sometimes we just need to write about our thoughts and feelings with no purpose other than doing it. It is cathartic, it is purposeful and if we open our selves…. it can be a revelationary and healing process. It can take us into our real selves and our honest thoughts. The ones without filters, the ones just for us.

Free your mind and the rest will follow

And that my friends, is often where creativity lives. Where ideas are born, where we are free to ‘let it all hang out’ without fear or judgement.

So, all of that being said, here are a few things to ponder (and maybe journal about?)

What feelings am I feeling right now?

What is bothering me that I need to resolve?

What do I observe about my day/week/life?

What are my hopes and dreams?

You might be surprised what comes up to write about. Even in 10 minutes.

Why not try it out and see what happens?