Gala patrons love good music too!

Cover gigs help pay the bills

 One of the best kept secret of successful bands and musicians is they know the right kind of cover gig can seriously help pay the bills.

Charitable balls and galas, private parties and convention party gigs pay real dollars, and then some.  The biggest and best of these gigs have the big budgets for talent and entertainment. Why? They know guests expect a premium experience for their contribution.

You’d be surprised how many well paying gigs are out there if you know where to look,  and how to get yourself properly in shape to compete.

Private Parties

Private parties held by individuals run the gamut from cocktail trios to full blown concerts.  Think tech industry.  If you’ve seen the popular HBO show ‘Silicon Valley’, you’ll remember the opening scene of Kid Rock playing his full show in a back yard. To an almost empty audience who is not paying attention.

The point is to show the host, a tech founder, is having Kid Rock because he can. People paying attention or enjoying the show is not his concern.  Super wealthy individuals can afford to get top name bands, but they are also willing to book a fabulous cover band if there is a buzz about them.  And there is always a buzz about the unbelievable cover bands.

Weddings are the obvious cover band gig, especially since Adam Sandler personified ‘The Wedding Singer’.  But once again, this is a competitive marketplace.  Brides and their moms want to have the best entertainment they can afford.  Don’t forget that the wedding industry is a zillion dollar marketplace for a reason.


Kid Rock performs ‘spoof’on opening episode of Silicon Valley – Photo Ben Domenic


Take the white-tie invitation only gala, The Swan Ball. It’s been around for 57 years. There’s music start to finish.  Cocktail music, music during dinner, a big name entertainer,  then a show-band for dancing until 2 am.  You do the math. BIG music budget.

We should note that events such as this book at least a year out.


 Lady Antebellum performs at 2019 Swan Ball in Nashville


Convention & Trade Shows

Believe it or not there are bands who make their entire living doing nothing but performing on the large convention and trade show circuit. Typically, the bigger the convention, more opportunity there is for performers. Often these groups have many members, costume changes, choreography and elaborate sound and light shows. They ENTERTAIN.

As with anything else, word of mouth propels the best bands. Reputations in this segment of the business are earned just like any other sector. When you prove yourself, solve a problem (being great and entertaining people) and are easy to work with, agents and bookers take notice. The industry is a small pond when you get to the big dogs. 


How To Get Started

  • Decide what type of cover band you want to be
  • Google ‘Top Convention/Corporate Cover Bands”
  • Watch their You Tube or VEVO videos to see how they perform together and interact with the audience
  • Research ‘Convention Talent Agencies’ – look at their roster, click on their links
  • Assess where you stand in comparison to said bands that get booked
  • Talk to bands in your area that play cover gigs, ask who books them
  • Start song & set lists
  • PRACTICE as if your career depends on it because it does

If you want to cut your learning curve significantly, check out our resources. We’ve taken the guesswork out of the equation and compiled a ton of best practice, real, information and organized it in an easy to understand, and implement way. There’s even a special course devoted specifically to Conventions and Cover Gigs. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel, you just have to be smart, have the right tools, and work hard.

We want you to succeed and we want to hear from you!