What are your dreams?

We all have dreams, big and little. Sometimes it’s scary to think about them. We find ourselves asking “Is this even possible?”, “Do I deserve to even think about something like this?”. “Am I just being selfish?”. You know the list. The litany. The torture we put our creative selves through.

But dreams are important. Super important. Why?  Because they allow us to be creative, to challenge ourselves, to take risks. Dreams allow us to see beyond our situation, to think of the things that could be. They give us permission to try something new, to do something unexpected, to go beyond complacency. 

Now we’re not just talking about the dreaming that takes place when we sleep.  We’re talking about the dreams we create in our minds, for ourselves.  What we want to be, where we want to go, what might be possible, who we might become. Big things. And little things too.

Photo by Spencer Imbrock 

Keep a Dream Journal

What is the dream journal we’re talking about?  It can include the sleep dreams, but think of it as your own special road map to what you want, where you want to go, what you want to change, what you want to achieve. 

Yes they’re in the same vein as a treasure map, vision boards, and the like. You can include anything you want in them.  If you see an image that speaks to you or one of your dreams, save it or cut it out.  Seeing something visual is always helpful to me when I want to envision something bigger for myself.  Write a dream journey – how you envision getting to where your dream becomes reality.

Want to be like your favorite songwriter, musician or artist?  Write that down and find a picture or song that speaks to your dream around that person.  No one is keeping score or grading your dream journal.  Want to put something totally outrageous in it?  Go ahead!  The point is to open up your mind to possibilities, FOR YOU!

Just remember, you are never too old or too young to dream, and your dreams are unique to you.  It doesn’t matter what other people might think of them.  The only thing that matters is what you think of them, and how you think about turning them into reality.