Time to Learn Some New Songs!

Do you ever get sick of your own songs?  Or the set the band plays every gig? We do.  SO SICK OF THEM.

Well if you’re sick of them, it’s a good chance your fans are ready for some fresh tunes too. Doesn’t matter if they’re original or cover songs, time to go to your lists.

Lists? You know the one you keep with the songs you want to add to the set, get the band to learn, work up a medley etc. etc. etc.  We know time is a problem, especially when it comes to everybody’s schedule.  BUT….. you want to play music and entertain people.

So here are a couple of ways to move the needle:

  • Have everybody in the band make a list of songs not currently in your set they really want  to do
  • Call a specific band rehersal/meeting to discuss and choose 2 or 3 new songs to learn.  These should all be songs everyone agrees on.
  • Make a master list of everyone’s songs
  • Decide where in your set you need a change or new sound.  For example-
  • you need another high energy song, or add a song people keep requesting something not currently in your set
  • (yes fans listen and request original songs of yours they’ve heard on streaming platforms etc.)
  • If you’re a cover band, you constantly need to be adding new tunes anyway
  • Have people learn their parts of the chosen songs on their own, then schedule a rehersal where you can really get into the nitty gritty of the songs so that they sound great.
  • If learning new original songs, distribute a simple work tape ahead of time to allow people to get the feel of the song.  It will make playing together much better because they will already have notes
  • NOTE:  If a song is too complicated for your playing/singing level – skip it for now, but make a note to work on it when you have time

Last but not least…… record your rehersal so you can hear what the audience will hear.  It will allow you to get the kinks out, arrange vocal parts etc.  NOW CRANK IT UP AND HAVE SOME FUN!