Social Audio – Clubhouse Rules




If you haven’t heard of the newest darling of the Social Media world, Clubhouse, you have been buried deep in your songwriting!

The invitation-only Social Audio app has taken hold of the ‘attention span’, much like the introduction of Facebook years ago, and every other major social media platform has been rushing to roll out its own version of it.  

Clubhouse is currently only available on IOS phones, but they plan to bring on Android users in May.   If you are a songwriter or musician you should definitely check out Clubhouse and all the other Social Audio channels coming online.

Songwriters and musicians who have the app can browse “Rooms” and “Clubs” for just about any topic related to music. Pop? Of course! Classical, no problem. Lots of artists and Hip Hop rooms.  Songwriters and Musicians have a more than ample selection of music and business-related topics hosted by a huge variety of players and participants.  Some are a very big deal, and many wish they were.

It’s About Community and Connection

It’s a great way to meet other creators, learn from masters, and discover the most timely information about any subject you can imagine. Marketing, branding and music discussion rooms can be super interesting.Hosts share quite a lot of ‘golden’ info, especially from those Moderators and Speakers who have leveraged the platform with great success.  There is a willingness of the community to share knowledge and information and serve others.

Once you are accepted, (a friend or acquaintance will bring you in), you have a giant information candy store to peruse.  You set up a profile just like other socials which becomes the identifier on the platform that represents you in rooms and allows others to check you out.

Rooms Without a View

After choosing a variety of topics that interest you, the app will show you “Rooms” related to your interests in a “Hallway”.  You simply tap the room you want to enter and then your picture will show up in the ‘audience’.  One nice feature is that you can ‘leave quietly’.

The average amount of time people spend in a room is anywhere from 9-20 minutes. Some rooms are weekly, some daily, you can always find lots to explore. Of course members and followers of clubs can stay as long as they remain open. Believe it or not some rooms have been kept’ live’ for 3 days straight!

Some rooms are discussions or ‘Masterclass” -esque forums, while others are fun and less intense. As the app has grown to 11 million users, the proliferation of rooms has exploded.  They go on 24-7 – be prepared, you can get a little addicted,or exhausted, depending on your penchant for learning and discussing.

Growing Exponentially and More Apps on the Way

The train has left the station folks.  Apps like Clubhouse and podcasts are becoming the new preferred platforms for engagement because it’s audio-only.

You cannot record or message people directly. That happens offline via your Instagram DM or Twitter message. Many Moderators often extend offers of help to those struggling with learning something new, and you never know who might show up in a room.

During the debut of the app last fall, Huge Celebrities ( like Oprah, Zuckerberg and Musk) were frequently popping in and out of rooms, having been invited by the founders.  It remains to be seen if that stays the same as the population of users grows and the exclusivity of the app diminishes.

Newly added features include monetization by sending money to select users, and others too many to name.

So, add Social Audio to your toolbox – it’s a great place to get your name out there, gain followers, and learn some incredible stuff from great people.