Twenty years ago, a group of independent women publishers banded together to solve a problem.  Pitching songs to producers. They had songs and writers, but  producers were wary of unknown entities – i.e. independent publishers. The publishing industry was ruled by the the major publishing kingpins – headed by men.

So the ‘chicks’ decided to band together and attack the problem. ‘Chicks with Hits’ was born and has been garnering hits for their writers (and producers) ever since. Perfect example of a bunch of outliers (independent publishers) banding together to solve a problem (getting songs cut).

By pooling contacts, they used whatever they could to gain an audience for the group. Little by little, their model took off.  Voila! The producer (or artist) heard  20 top-notch songs in one meeting. They found hits. The Chicks created zany, fun events that got results, they looked at their challenge in a million different ways and had a blast doing it. They formed strong bonds and supported each other.

This sisterhood is still making hits happen for artists, and are one of the most highly respected and formidable groups in music.And they’re still having a blast, just the way it should be.

What can you do in your world to create synergy and solve challenges?