You are unique!

Time to write your stuff

Do you write poetry but want to write songs?  Do you make up stuff on the piano or guitar and wish you could put the right words to it?  Do you  jam with people but want to create a band, a good band?

Guess what?  You’re part of the Creative Nation – and there are millions of you! It’s human nature to want to connect through music, and words.  Since the beginning of civilization, the beat of a drum has called to us .  Why? Because it reminds us of the heartbeat.

So what do you want to write about?  Are you frustrated with your writing?  Do you live somewhere  not a music town or industry center? Should you move to one to begin your journey of writing and playing music?

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You Can Do It – Simple Steps

Pick your instrument

Find people who like music

Songwriting or creating a band takes time, but if you have the desire, you can do it!  If you’re sincerely willing to learn, and put in the time, you will get there.  That’s the truth.  Everybody has a starting point. No worries if you haven’t been playing, singing/writing since you were a kid, you can still learn. Follow these simple steps:

  • STEP 1: Figure out your experience level (beginner, somewhat experienced, diva status) and BE HONEST!
  • STEP 2: Set achievable and measurable goals and make a committment to yourself
  • STEP 3: Do your research and start with good information and be patient.

Once you’ve got these under control, you’re ready for the next phase! Be sure to check out our resource“Better Songwriting 101”.

Stay Where You Are (for now)




 Don’t believe all the hype around the talent reality shows.  It looks so exciting, and they make it look easy.  It’s not.  The grueling audition process is condensed into sound bites and peak performance moments.

Anybody who makes it through to actually perform in front of the judges has worked really hard on their dream. Meaning they have put in the time to learn how to sing, and perform.

No matter how much they improve on the show, believe us they are NOT ready to make it to the big time and have no guarantee of stardom or success. Both of these things are YEARS in the making, even if you do catch a break winning a big-time contest.

DO NOT MOVE TO NASHVILLE, LA or NEW YORK to “try it out” !!!!!

That’s the WORST thing you could do for several reasons. Just sayin’…… we speak the truth. 

The last thing anyone (including us here at MR411) want to see is another person who moves before they’re ready – only to find out about the harsh realities of the music business. Most end up broke and broken, with a bitter taste in their mouth about music.  And that’s bad.  Here’s a couple of reasons to stay put:


  • You need to be better than good to move to a music center- the number of people already there who are insanely talented  is enormous
  • You will shoot yourself in the foot going unprepared or knowing what to expect
  • If you’re serious about trying to make it you need to educate yourself about the business BEFORE moving somewhere.  It’s a game of hidden truths, and extremely hard even when you know them
  • If you think you’re ready,  do a reality check.  Google some independent songwriters or artists who have alot of streams on one of the services like Spotify, Compare your voice and songwriting to theirs, is it close? Is it sorta? Be real. Then visit the city you are considering and really check out the scene.  Talk to people who are trying are performing, and writing.  Ask them how long they’ve been there and how far they think they are in the process and if anyone has given them the time of day or been interested in their career or songs.
  • Cost. A music career takes money – don’t blow hard earned cash until you know what to spend it on, and where you need to invest in yourself.

Start Learning Now – The Right Way

The first thing you need to do is educate yourself.  Do you know what does being a songwriter means in a professional sense?  How long does it take for people to start getting cuts and being booked at songwriter’s nights?  How hard is it for bands to start playing in a music center and what is expected of them?

Google is your friend.  Go to a reputable site like CDBaby, the Nashville Songwriters Association or just a title such as ‘making it in music’.  Your query will pull up a gazillion articles, some of which are really great, and some not so much.

If you want an honest and straightforward look at songwriting, being in a band or booking gigs, sign up for our newsletter to get tips and freebies  and check out our online resources. We’ve condensed 40 ears of professional, insider knowledge into a series of relatable and easily understood video courses.

Why?  Because this information wasn’t readily available when we started out. The reality is it’s  a complicated and ridiculously competitive industry.

We want to see you succeed and don’t want you to be lured into some ‘shyster’ site or scheme that will only take tons of your money and give you nothing in return.

Everyone deserves a dream.  Explore yours now!