Did you know there is a GAME CHANGER new platform for booking your own gigs & tours?  Well It’s here and it’s called FANFLEX.


Need to book some gigs for clubs? Venues? coffee shops and restaurants? Places that seat up to 1000? Now you can do it from your own dashboard once you sign up. (www.fanflex.com).  AND… you can collect all your gig data, and you own it.

But the best part is that it is FREE for artists, the venues pay the freight so that they have all their dates booked which = more drinks and food sold. Since all communication is through FANFLEX, it frees up management and already busy personnel.


You told us how much you love “Live From MusicRow411” and that you would love more experts to learn from. SO…. we listened and have added yet another killer learning channel to the MR411 platform. It’s called the Songwriter Learning Lab and it’s on our MusicRow411 YouTube Channel (www.youtube.musicrow411.com)

First guests – Erik Nelson & Gian Perugini from FANFLEX


 we’ve got more expert sessions on SLL during the month of October, see what’s coming here:



All these great experts are part of the OctoberFest Ultimate Songwriters Sweepstakes that runs through October 31st.

Killer prizes, killer people, over $30K in prizes all designed to help you learn and move forward, courses, studio time, sync consult, vocal training, and tons more. Enter now and refer your friends!


‘As we always stress in MR411 learning resources and courses, doing things the right way is what leads to success and access.’