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Songwriting is a beautiful and brutal industry. With streaming making it easier than ever to put yourself out there, how do you write and craft quality songs that cut through the noise and put you on the map?

Learn how to navigate the reality of successful songwriting in the 21st century with an accurate assessment of the industry and your own skills, then grow your abilities with tried-and-true songwriting techniques for improved inspiration, preparation, writing, and editing.

Whether you’re writing just for your own enjoyment or in the serious pursuit of professional publication, you’ll get the insider information you need to start crafting better tunes and writing better songs in no time!

Keys to Success

Get the secrets of successful writers and musicians with real world lessons and examples.

How To Prep

Learn the habits the pros use to  streamline and simplify the writing process.

How To Write

Master the skills that make the actual writing of songs easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

How To Edit

Discover the “secret” intensive rewrite process that turns a good starting point into a great song.

Writing Songs Is Hard,

Writing Great Songs Is Harder!

Whether you’re writing with professional aspirations or you’re writing to exercise your creative juices, writing a song is tough. And no matter where you fall on the spectrum, Better Songwriting 101 will help you write better songs and write them faster so you can focus on producing, performing, and improving without learning a bunch of complicated theory or wasting time on outdated practices.


How Exactly DO You Write a Great Song?

Better Songwriting 101 strips away all the unnecessary noise and clutter that can clog up your creativity and squash your confidence.

Inside Better Songwriting 101, you’ll discover:

  • Video Modules explain key concepts and cover pertinent examples 
  • Resource Rolodex provides links to dozens of relevant tools and outside resources 
  • Mind Maps make the writing processed more organized and streamlined so you can write songs faster
  • Song breakdowns with specific exercises for analysis, breakdown, and study
  • Mental Mantras of the Pros that will help you stop procrastinating and start writing 
  • Common Mistakes that could destroy your songwriting career before it ever even begins
  • Essential Questions to Ask Yourself During the Rewrite Process
  • The one common misperception that could possibly leave you homeless
  • The brutal and often untold truth about making a living as a songwriter in the world of streaming that will help you avoid almost certain failure 
  • Ways to save thousands when cutting a new demo
  • Tried-and-true methods for crafting creative songs
  • The present day earnings of a multi-grammy-winning writer in the Songwriting Hall of Fame for his worldwide chart topping song in the environment of streaming

Check Out A Little About The Course Lessons:

You’ll get an overview of what you should and shouldn’t expect from the course.You’ll also get some understanding and perspective on songwriting and its role in the music industry at large.

The course includes:

  • Module 1 – State of the Industry
  • Module 2 – The Writer’s Mentality
  • Module 3 – Reality 101
  • Module 4 – Preparation and Ear Training
  • Module 5 – Ready, Set, Write!
  • Module 6 – Write It Tight
  • Module 7 – And Now What?

And plenty of other course content!

This first lesson takes a deep dive into the evolution of songwriting in the age of streaming and what it takes to make a career in songwriting.

  • Trends in today’s music
  • Real world song examples
  • Competition in the game
  • How the industry “ecosystem” really works

And much more!

The Writer’s Mentality is all about successful habits, mindsets, and methods of getting into the writing zone.

  • What it takes to write
  • The components of a successful writer’s mentality
  • Methods to improve and develop your writing craft
  • The life and lifestyle of a committed writer

And much more!

You’ll get a snapshot of a real-life career in song writing and a healthy dose of truth about the industry.

  • Self-assessment test to ascertain your your skills
  • How to save yourself years of effort
  • How to save yourself thousands of dollars

And much more!

You’ll discover the ways that working professionals prepare to write and train their ear to find the next song.

  • How to prepare to write
  • Techniques for training your ear
  • The right way to break down a song
  • Bringing everything together to write

And much more!

Here you’ll find the meat and potatoes portion of the writing process.

  • The “right” way to write a song
  • Song and story basics for effective communicating
  • 10 Steps to writing a song
  • The must-know habits of successful writers

And much more!

Learn how to edit and rewrite your songs – the process that will take your rough draft song and put a little polish on it before you’re ready to cut a demo.

  • Steps of the Rewrite Process
  • The Ruthlessness of the Pros
  • Different, fresh approaches for rewriting a song
  • The key factors in when to “just stop”

And much more!

What do you do after you’ve written and edited your song. What are the next steps?

  •  The “DIY” method
  • Professional studio recording
  • Creative studio workarounds
  • Costs and expenses
  • Presenting the right demo to the right people

And much more!


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Better Songwriting 101 is part one of a plethora of courses at Music Row 411.

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The course is loaded with content from more than three decades of experience performing on some very big stages and recording in some of the best studios. Whether you’re trying to put together a band to bang around in the garage, a cover band to book parties and events, or a completely original band dedicated to new music with professional aspirations, you’ll find this course revelatory and revolutionary.

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Can I just buy later?

While you are welcome to buy at any point that works for your financial situation, we reserve the right to raise the price or switch away from lifetime access & upgrades at any moment. We will be raising the price with each version upgrade in the future. 

Who exactly is this course for?

While we don’t pretend to have any restrictions on who can buy the course, we would suggest that those who will benefit the most from the course have at least some aspiration to write songs, either as hobby or as a profession, and a desire to improve their writing skills.

What kind of guarantee is there?

As with all of our products here at Music Row 411, the Better Songwriting 101 course comes with our “Love it or Leave it” money-back guarantee. That means that if you don’t feel the course was worth your investment, we will refund your money, no questions asked.

How do I access the course after I sign up?

You’ll receive an e-mail notification that will contain your directions to access the member’s login page. You’ll be able to access each of the modules to complete at your own pace. Each module contains video lessons with additional resources.

When will I get my bonus course?

We are currently in the development of several courses, and expect the Better Branding & Digital Marketing 101 course to be ready for beta launch within the next 60-90 days.

How long is the course?

While the videos could be completed in a single afternoon, as you might expect, many songwriters find tremendous benefit in taking their time with the course.

When will I get the updates to the course?

While we do not have a definitive timeline for the update, we plan on taking feedback from our customers and implementing those recommendations into the curriculum as quickly as possible. While these updates will be continuous, not every update will result in a “version update.”

Can I refer my friends?

Yes, of course!

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“Love it or Leave it” 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

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