Jim Jonsin

Most of you are too young to remember the classic Sonny & Cher hit “The Beat Goes On’ but do know Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”.  Beats have always been the basis of musical communication since the earliest people stretched animal skins to make drums.  Heartbeats keep us alive.  Beats are everywhere and always have been.

Beats define music, especially today.  They’re assets, they’re hooks, they’re signatures for producers and artists. They’re the foundation of urban music and influence every form of music produced today.

Guess what’s thriving in Nashville?  Beats. The recent  Who Knew event “Nashville’s Got Beats” was all about showcasing our hip hop community. The event featured fantastic new artists Gracen Hill, Tim Gent,  and Littlefoot Nate. The voices of today and tomorrow did not disappoint.

Tyke T, Street Symphony, and superstar producer Jim Jonsin embody this growing community of wizards and magicians. Extremely humble and a family man, Jonsin is a 6x GRAMMY winner for songs by Beyonce, Usher, Lil’ Wayne and has worked with just about everybody who’s anybody.

  Tyke T

Tyke T and Street Symphony should be motivational speakers – I will be a member of their church. They’re what success looks like in the flesh – hardworking, passionate, curious and compassionate. Learn from these talented peeps, learn all you can from reading about them and how they got to be where they are. They’re living proof you can do it, you can overcome odds.

Listen to the new voices and their music, they’re where we’re headed. They’re moving it forward and paving  the way for those kids coming behind them with hopes and dreams. You might be that person…We’re all in this together. Just beat it!