Want to write better songs?  Avoid mistakes

You love your songs right?  But somewhere in the back of your mind, you know your songs could be better. Way better. But we all get stuck in the same groove, the same songwriting habits, the same lyrics and melodies.  We write the same music with the same chords over and over because it is comfortable . 

Because of this pattern, we can lose sight of how our songs are sounding to the outside-of- us world.  So how do we write  better songs that not only sound better and are written better, but make US feel better about our writing?  Well, the first thing to do is avoid the mistakes we can easily prevent.

First step in songwriting – have a fresh idea

You want to share your voice through your songwriting,  But before you start writing a song about some topic, really think about what you want to say before you actually start writing.  Then, ask yourself how you are talking about that subject in your song.  Is it fresh?  Is it a new twist on an old theme?  Think about the songs that really made you pay attention because they were so cool, so on point,  the ones where you hadn’t heard it said quite that way etc.

Okay, you might say, but I’m new at this, how can I do this when it took that writer years of experience to come up with that? Well, it goes back to you. Think about how you speak, how you frame things when you talk to people.  Songs,  in essence are conversational.  That means the listener needs to feel like you are speaking directly to them

Saying something in a fresh way , something that people will resonate with is indeed hard. BUT. You can do it, check out this handy guide to avoiding mistakes, it’s free.

It just takes time, thought and a willingness to look at your song with objective eyes and ears. 

‘As we always stress in MR411 learning resources and courses, doing things the right way is what leads to success and access.’ 

Avoid Song & Demo Mistakes Before you Start to Write

So why not start out on the right foot and learn what NOT to do and WHAT TO AVOID up front so you can get give your songwriting the fuel it needs to grow and blossom. Click the what to avoid link to get our free guide to avoiding song and demo mistakes.

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