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Created by Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter & Tin Pan South co-founder Beth Raebeck Hall, Music Row 411 is the go-to resource for songwriters, musicians, and aspiring artists.

With extensive years of professional experience in the music industry, we’ve gathered the best of all things music to give you what you need to succeed. We’ve learned the good, the bad and the ugly, been there and lived it. We’ve put together the essentials you need to know – so dive in and enjoy all the wisdom we have to offer.

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Our Team

Beth Raebeck Hall

Beth Raebeck Hall


Beth Raebeck Hall’s published her first song in the 5th grade. A Vanderbilt University graduate, she forged a career spanning decades of writing, performing, producing, and publishing. A Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter, she is the co-founder of Tin Pan South, the largest songwriting festival in the world and is frequently in demand as a Music Tech consultant and advisor to creatives and entrepreneurs, Beth also serves as a Master Mentor for Project Music at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center. An avid gardener and reader, her favorite pastime is being with her family.

Justin T.W. Hall

Justin T.W. Hall


Justin T.W. Hall began a career in sales development and marketing in 2006. As the owner of Champion Brand Consulting, a direct marketing agency located in Chattanooga, TN, he has helped small business owners and service professionals develop strategic sales initiatives and marketing campaigns focused on rapid revenue creation. When not working on his own businesses, Justin teaches budding entrepreneurs through the CO.STARTERS program at the CO.LAB in Chattanooga. He also enjoys spending time outdoors, with his family and friends, and casually playing guitar.