Let Tech Help You 



Inspo comes from lots of places, at lots of different times. 

Your time is valuable and in short supply right? When it comes to writing songs we could all use some tools to make it easier to focus on the creation of our ideas and showcase them in the best light.  Tech has given us the ability to create without spending a fortune on gear or studio time.

Why not check out some of the apps that make songwriting a breeze with the help of your phone or tablet? There are lots and lots of apps, but here are five that help songwriters.

IOS Apps ( another post will feature Android)

Garage Band (free) 

Comphrehensive recording tool makes recording on your tablet, computer or phone fairly easy.  There is a learning curve and it is a huge file.  But it is great for making quality demos of your music.

Four Track (2.99)

This simple app helps you start making recordings of your songs. FourTrack conveniently has a number of useful mixing plugins  including  a limiter, EQ and compression.

Songwriter Pad ($5.99 or free with ads)

Helps you create lyrics based on different categories of emotions. Looking for phrases or rhymes that are  happy, sad, angry?  This app helps you formulate lyrics that convey the feeling of your song.

Simple Songwriter ($4.99)

Focuses on chord progressions, but also allow you to change both the key and tempo of whatever progressions you come up with, for instant modulation!

Hum ($2.99)

This is a great app to organize all your song ideas by different moods, topics, keys, or tunings. It can import and record audio, also functions as a tuner! Hum also syncs with Dropbox, so you can open recordings you made on-the-go on your laptop or desktop later.

Have a favortite app you like to use?  Share it with us  and tell us why it helps you by sending your recommendations to [email protected].  We’ll feature it and you in a future post!

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