Live Drawing for $35k in Prizes on 4/30/20!

You could be the Next Best Songwriter with the Right Tools and Your


We Believe in YOU


We know this has been a difficult time and a paradigm shift, for EVERYONE.  But long before all this stuff started we were thinking of things we could bring you to have fun and to help you move forward.

So we decided to have a Sweepstakes that was free and fun.  And as we talked about it, the prize packages kept getting bigger and bigger.

Then COVID-19 slammed everyone into quarantine and WFH. SO…. we added even more stuff.

And are supporting MUSICARES- COVID 19 RELIEF Fund with a portion of all course sales.

And launched Freebie Fridays.

And launched Live! From MusicRow411.

And moved the timetable up for our podcast  –3 Chords and the Truth … Music Without Borders (coming in May).

We’ve been using our time to dive deep into the things that matter to you, the songwriters, the musicians, the creatives, the dreamers.

SO… now you have 48 Hours to double up your entries, refer friends for more entries and to totally get stoked about Thursday night at 8 pm( – LIVE ON MUSICROW411 FACEBOOK PAGE when we draw the names of the lucky prize winners….. and reveal a few more surprises.

Enter now, enter often – takes about :20 to do it!

We believe in you and your careers, your dreams and your well being.  We are here to serve and help you get better. DO. IT. Now! Be there or be square!

Love Beth & Justin xoxo