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"This course exposes the reality about songwriting, the music industry, and how to ACTUALLY succeed as a musician today, not yesterday...I've never felt more prepared to take my ability and career to the next level!"

-Dave Muntner, Buffalo NY

Become a “MusicPreneur”


We teach you how to think like an Entrepreneur

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One size does not fit all!


“MusicRow411 is an amazing company.As a songwriter, I can tell you MR41 resource for aspiring songwriters to learn, grow and flourish with the right information.I look forward to watching MR411 grow, touching songwriters the sme way it’s touched me.”

Sarah Bustillo, Songwriter


"I wish this had existed

before I began my career

in Nashville"

-Sean Giovanni, Record Producer

Owner, The Record Shop

What is MusicRow 411?

A Treasure Chest filled with:


  • Proven, Actionable Steps To Take Now`
  • Grammy Pro Knowledge & Experience (no BS! )

  • Step-by-Step Career Blueprints

  • Expert “How To” Courses – Songwriting, Bands & Gigs

  • “Live From MusicRow411” Industry Expert Series 

  • Best Practices for Career Movement & Success

  • How to Effectively Market Your Music

  • Mental Health & Wellness Tips

  • Community of Creators

Everything is very open with a really clear description of what you need to do, and when you should. It was truly informative. Your website and courses are extremely helpful. Thanks for sharing!”

Doug Caldwell, Songwriter

Annapolis, MD


“Street-Smart” Content & Tools to Build Your Music Business 3.0 Career


Get Best-Practice Pro Info 

  • Saves Time and Money

  • Avoid newbie pitfalls 

  • Develop skills to compete in today’s music industry

  • Develop songwriting chops

  • Build YOUR own Success Toolkit  

  And much more……


 Get Serious & Crush It!

  • Use tools 4 amazing results 
  • Band basics you must know!
  • Killer step-by-step plan for success
  • How to avoid career-killing mistakes
  • Best practices used by top artists and bands

  And much more…..



Tell Your Unique Story

  • Showcase your unique talents 

  • Discover & use what’s working today, not 5 years ago

  • Learn how to speak in your true voice

  • Connect & engage your fans. It’s why people remember you.

  And much more….

Why We Get It

When I started there wasn’t anyone to help  me  Not knowing any better, I just worked really hard and made a ton of mistakes, learning as I went.  Weeks turned into years and eventually, I got a Grammy nomination as an Indie artist and songwriter at age 48. No label, no publicist, no big money –  just me. If I could do it, so can you!

Too many songwriters embark on their journey without knowing what it really takes to make things happen. Success in any business requires knowledge, the right tools, and a blueprint to guide your way. We can help you navigate and get you where you want to go.

We believe there’s a lot of real estate between being unknown and a superstar. We can’t make you famous, won’t get you a record deal, or get your music played. BUT… YOU can.       

Beth Raebeck Hall – Founder