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“The Music Row 411 community offers incredibly helpful and

comprehensive content to musicians at any level.

When it comes to furthering my music career, I have received

real guidance from industry insiders and expertswho look out for my best interests.

They are genuinely good and knowledgeable people in the industry.

They are amazing!”

-Michael, professional musician/music educator





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Your Music Career 

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"This course exposes the reality about

songwriting, the music

industry, and how to ACTUALLY succeed as a

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yesterday...I've never felt more prepared to take

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-Dave Muntner, Buffalo NY

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 MusicRow411 is an amazing company.As a songwriter, I

can tell you MR41resource for aspiring songwriters to

learn, grow and flourish with the right information. I look

forward to watching MR411 grow, touching songwriters

the same way it’s touched me.”

Sarah Bustillo, Songwriter

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Doug Caldwell, Songwriter

Annapolis, MD

“Everything is very open with a really clear description of what you need to do, and when you should. It was truly informative. Your website and courses are extremely helpful. Thanks for sharing!”

What is MusicRow 411?

 The Toolkit you need for the new Creator Economy

  • Proven, Actionable Steps To Take NOW
  • Learn from Industry Grammy Pro Experience (no BS!)

  • Step-by-Step Guided Career Blueprints

  • Expert ” Deep Dive How To” Courses  (Songwriting, Bands & Gigs)

  • Topic Specific ‘Micro’ Courses

  • “Live From MR411!” Industry Expert Series —

  • Info from the Pros About Topics You Need to Know

  • Best Practices for Career Growth & Movement

  • How to Effectively Market Your Music & Brand

  • Mental Health & Wellness Tips

I wish this had existed

before I began my career

in Nashville”

Sean Giovanni, Record Producer

Owner, The Record Shop


“Street-Smart” Content & Tools to Build Your Music Business 3.0 Career


Get Best-Practice Pro Info to:

  • Maximize your time & money

  • Speed up your learning curve
  • Identify & avoid newbie mistakes  

  • Develop the essential skills to stand out  today

  • Build, develop & expand your songwriting chops

  • Create YOUR career pathway to success

  And much more……


 Get Serious & Crush It!

  • Build a band to make money & get gigs
  • How to create your band business 
  • How to create a plan for tour success
  • How to communicate with buyers, clubs and venues
  • Best practices used by top artists and bands
  •   And much more….. 

Tell Your Unique Story

  • Create your brand- around your story

  • Identify & speak in your unique voice 

  • Leverage marketing that works today

  • How to connect & engage your fans. 

  And much more….


Why We Get It

Who I Am

My name is Beth Raebeck Hall, founder of MusicRow411. Music is in my DNA. When I decided to make music a career, nobody understood what I wanted to do, or could help me. So…. I just did it. 

I won’t lie, it was super hard. I struggled a lot, made tons of mistakes.  There were times I wanted to give up but I was determined to succeed. It took awhile, but I got a publishing deal. But as a singer/songwriter, I still had to figure out how to book my own gigs/tours, do my own publicity and promotion. Persistance and hard work became my best friends. We stuck it out together and eventually, my hard work paid off.

At 48, I got a Grammy nomination as an Indie artist/songwriter.  No label, no publicist, no big money –  just me. Crazy, right?

I’m living proof you can do it as an Indie.  Yes, I’ve made records, had my songs cut, gotten sync placements, performed at some of the best venues and festivals, and won some awards. But the best part? I’ve made incredible friends and connections, and been an active and respected member of the music business family for a very long time. 

Why MusicRow411?

Because there wasn’t anyone for me when I started, I realized most creators have no idea what it really takes to make things happen, or where to start. So I decided to  take all my years of hard-won knowledge and experience to create MusicRow411. To help people without access to the right information they need.

Find Your Place

At MR411, we believe there’s a lot of real estate between being unknown and being a superstar.

Our advice?  Decide what you want. Make a solid plan, based on what’s working now. That’s where we help you.

We can’t make you famous, won’t get you a record deal, or get your music played. BUT… YOU can.  You just need the right info and the right tools.      

Beth Raebeck Hall – Founder

P.S.  If I could do it, so can you. Why? Because YOU matter.