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The Music Business is a Mindset as much as anything else. Doing things the right way, in

the right order is critical for success at any level. Especially today.


We teach you to start with the basics, to master them, then how to move to the next level.  Short & sweet, the proven way pros do it. No BS.


No one does it alone.  We’ve been where you are, lived & done it. We truly

want you to be the best version of your creative self. 

Imagine your dream music career… .


                                               Yeah… that one…                                                            

It’s waiting  ….. right here!   

“The Music Row 411 community offers incredibly helpful and

comprehensive content to musicians at any level.

When it comes to furthering my music career, I have received

real guidance from industry insiders and expertswho look out for my best interests.

They are genuinely good and knowledgeable people in the industry.

They are amazing!”

-Michael, professional musician/music educator

Just a Few From Our Acclaimed Expert Series-

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resources to


Educate + Empower

Your Music Career 

Let’s do this!


"This course exposes the reality about

songwriting, the music

industry, and how to ACTUALLY succeed as a

musician today, not

yesterday...I've never felt more prepared to take

my ability and

career to the next level!"

-Dave Muntner, Buffalo NY

I wish this had existed

before I began my career

in Nashville”

Sean Giovanni, Record Producer

Owner, The Record Shop


 A Career ToolBox for Success

“Street-Smart” Content & Tools for the Music Business 3.0 


Get Best-Practice Pro Info to:

  • Maximize your time & money

  • Accelerate your learning curve
  • Eliminate newbie mistakes  

  • Develop essential skills to stand out  now

  • Go deep & master your songwriting chops

  And much more……


 Get Serious & Crush It!

  • Build a money-making band 
  • ABC’s to create your band business 
  • How to create a successful tour plan 
  • How to build relationships with buyers, clubs and venues
  • Build your 1000 True Fans & Super Fans

Tell Your Unique Story

  • Create your brand- story

  • Identify & speak in your unique voice 

  • Use & leverage current marketing strategies 

  • Develop a fan engagement strategy 

  And much more….


Why We Get It

Who I Am

My name is Beth Raebeck Hall, founder of MusicRow411. Music’s in my DNA. When I decided to make music a career, nobody understood what I wanted to do, or could help me. So…, I just did it. 

I won’t lie, it was super hard and I struggled, made tons of mistakes.  There were times I wanted to give up, but I was determined to succeed. 

At 48, I got a Grammy nomination as an Indie artist/songwriter.  No label, no publicist, no big money –  just me. Crazy, right?

I’m living proof you can do it as an Indie.  

Why MusicRow411?

I realized most creators have no idea what it really takes to make things happen, or where to start. So I decided to help people without access get the information they need, by taking my experience and knowledge to create MusicRow411.

Find Your Place

At MR411, we believe there’s a lot of real estate between being unknown and being a superstar.

Our advice? 

  • Decide what you want.
  • Make a solid plan, based on what’s working now.
  • Then DO IT!

That’s where we help you.

We can’t make you famous, won’t get you a record deal, or get your music played. BUT… YOU can.  You just need the right info and the right tools.      

Beth Raebeck Hall – Founder

P.S.  If I could do it, so can you. Why? Because YOU matter.