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“I wish this had existed before I began my career in Nashville”


Sean Giovanni, Record Producer

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MusicRow411 is an amazing company! Since meeting Beth, I’ve seen her genuine desire to change the music industry. As a songwriter myself, I truly admire and know the value MusicRow411 holds.

Sarah Bustillo

Songwriter, Belmont University

Being the guy who has to get the gigs for our band is hard.

We had no idea there was a logical and practical way to go about all this stuff. MR411 gave us really good information that helped us understand what you need to do to get your band out there. Wish we’d had this two years ago.

Dan Campbell

Bass Player, The PubRats

I really like MusicRow411! This can be a game changer in helping artists and writers move more easily into the Music Business

Rod Essig

Co-Head, CAA

Beth has been a tremendous friend and mentor to Jeremy and me since we moved to Nashville a couple of years ago. Her extensive knowledge of the music industry is matched by her passion for helping entrepreneurs, songwriters, and artists

Jason Burchard

CEO / Co-Founder, RootNote.co


 A Career ToolBox for Music Success

"Street-Smart" Content & Tools for the new

Music Business 3.0 


Develop & Discover Your Writing SuperPower

Speed up your learning curve

Banish newbie mistakes 

Master basics and learn craft to move your career forward

Develop & Strengthen your songwriting chops 

Create healthy Mental Habits

And much more...

Create A Band that Makes Money 

Band Business Basics

Build a System for Successful Gigs

Define Your Unique Value as A Band

Simplify Your Booking Stategies

Build Successful Relationships with Clubs, Venues & Buyers

Build Alternate Revenue Streams

Build Your 1000 True Fans & SuperFans

And much more...

Create Your Unique Brand

Craft Your Story

Utilize "What's Working Now" Marketing Methods & Tools

Learn How To Speak Your Brand

Choose the Right Platforms 

How to Find the Right Partners

And much more....


This Week - Live From MR411

It’s A Mindset……

The Music Business is a Mindset as much as anything else. Doing things the right way, in

the right order is critical for success at any level. Especially today.

We teach you to start with the basics, to master them, then how to move to the next

level.  Short & sweet, the proven way pros do it. No BS.

No one does it alone.  We’ve been where you are, lived & done it. We truly want you to

be the best version of your creative self. 

A few of our ‘Live From MR411’

Acclaimed Expert Series


Why We Want to Help

 I’m living proof you can do it as an Indie.

 Hey, I’m Beth Raebeck Hall, Founder of MusicRow411.

Music’s in my DNA, just like you.

When I decided to make music a career, nobody got it, or could help me.


So…, I just did it. I won’t lie, it was super hard – I struggled, made tons of mistakes.  Yeah,

there were times I wanted to give up, but I was determined to succeed. 

At 48, I got a Grammy nomination as an Indie artist/songwriter.

No label, no publicist, no big money –  just me. Crazy, right?

Why MusicRow411?

Hello. Most creators have no clue what it really takes to make things happen, or where to

start. So I decided to help people without access get that much needed information, by taking my

experience and knowledge to create MusicRow411.

Find Your Place

At MR411, we believe there’s a lot of real estate between being unknown

and being a superstar.

Our advice? 

  • Decide what you want.
  • Make a solid plan, based on what’s working now.
  • Then DO IT!

That’s where we help you.

We can’t make you famous, won’t get you a record deal, or get your music played.

BUT… YOU can. You just need the right info and the right tools.      

Beth Raebeck Hall – Founder MusicRow411

Grammy-nominated Artist/Songwriter

Co-Founder – ‘Tin Pan South’

P.S.  If I could do it, so can you. Why? Because YOU matter.

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