MusicRow411 empowers serious Songwriters and

Performers to create sustainable and profitable careers. 


“I wish this had existed before I began my career in Nashville”


Sean Giovanni, Record Producer

Owner, The Record Shop Recording Studio

Give Me an Edge for Success

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The latest music industry info & trends

Expert sessions

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Make more money

Place & promote your music

Develop performing songwriter chops

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Here’s what people are saying about MusicRow411 and how it


Authenticity makes MR411 stand  out

“MusicRow411 has such a selfless goal and I’ve seen through my work how the songwriters and talents are always put first. The authenticity of every course and expert interview is what makes MR411 stand out. I believe everyone has something to learn from Beth and the beautiful team!”
– Karissa Paulsen, Audio Engineer

Totally invested in my career

“I feel like I hit the jackpot with my mentor, Beth Raebeck Hall.  She was honest, straightforward, kind, very funny and just a joy to work with.  She was totally invested in learning about my career thus far, and asked great questions. She helped me focus my goals to come up with concrete strategies to further my career. ‘

– Janice Fitzgerald, Sync Songwriter

An eye-opening & enriching experience!

Beth’s knowledge and insight about the industry is evident and invaluable. As a creative person herself, she understands the peaks and valleys of creativity and serves other creatives in an authentic and profound way.

Personally working with Beth has been an eye-opening and enriching experience that I highly recommend to fellow songwriters and artists.  She keeps it real and says exactly what needs to be heard. She’s a joy to work with, and I am so grateful for the wisdom she has instilled in me! “

– Katareen Mohammed, Songwriter & Indie Artist

Learn the Business!

“If you are serious about making a living with your music, look no further than Music Row 411!”

Some people struggle to connect with the business aspect of music.

Whether it’s booking gigs, making connections in the industry, or even discovering how to promote your art, Music Row is there to help and has helped hundreds before.”

-Tom Foreman, Music Business Analyst

A few of our ‘Live From MR411’

Acclaimed Expert Series Below

Excerpt from interview with 6 decade hitmaker Desmond Child

“Living on a Prayer”, Ava Max’s “Kings & Queens”, The Rasmus, Songwriter’s Hall of Fame

It’s A Mindset……

The Music Business is a Mindset as much as anything else. Doing things the right way,

in the right order is critical for success at any level. Especially today.

We teach you to build a foundation, create a career strategy and path to success.

  Short & sweet, the proven way pros do it. No BS.

We’ve been where you are, lived & done it.


Why We Want to Help

 I’m living proof you can do it as an Indie Songwriter and Musician.

 Hey, I’m Beth Raebeck Hall, Founder of MusicRow411.

Music’s in my DNA, just like you.

When I decided to make music a career, nobody got it, or could help me.


So…, I just did it. I was determined to succeed

At 48, I got a Grammy nomination as an Indie artist/songwriter.

No label, no publicist, no big money –  just me. Crazy, right?

Why MusicRow411?

 Most creators have no clue what it really takes to make things happen. 

 So I decided to help people by taking all my

experience and knowledge to create MusicRow411.

Find Your Place

At MR411, we believe there’s a lot of real estate between being

unknown and being a superstar.

Our advice? 

  • Decide what you want.
  • Make a solid plan, based on what works today.
  • Then DO IT!

That’s where we help you.

We can’t make you famous, get you a record deal, or get your music played.

BUT… YOU can. You just need the right info and the right tools.      

Beth Raebeck Hall – Founder MusicRow411

Grammy-nominated Artist/Songwriter

Co-Founder – ‘Tin Pan South’

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