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"I wish this had existed

before I began my career

in Nashville"

-Sean G, Record Producer

Why We Get It…..

When I started there wasn’t anyone for me. Information was rare and hard to come by.  Fortunately, many years of hard work and persistence paid off. I got a Grammy nomination when I was 48. No label, no publicist, no big money –  just me. I f I could do it, so can you.

Too many people move to Nashville, NY and LA with Big Dreams about ‘making it’ without a clue as to how it really works. They have little/poor information about what it really takes to make things happen. 

That’s why I decided to share my years of professional knowledge and lessons.  I want to help the former Beth’s and future hitmakers. Learn from my mistakes… and my journey. These real, unvarnished insights can help you pursue your dreams and careers. 

Everybody starts someplace. Success in any business requires knowledge, the right tools, and a blueprint to guide your way. 

We believe there’s a lot of real estate between being unknown and a superstar. We can’t make you famous,  won’t get you a record deal or get your music played. BUT…. YOU can.       

Beth Raebeck Hall – Founder

MusicRow411 was built for you.  

‘Real Not Bogus’ – Joan V- Songwriter, Los Angeles

“I wish I’d found MusicRow411 before I wasted thousands of dollars on a completely bogus “mentor” who didn’t really teach me anything I couldn’t find on my own. He kept trying to sell me on why I should hire him to get started.  At first, it seemed to be the real deal, but then I found out they weren’t really legit.  They weren’t exactly current about what’s going on in music today.  The thing I love about MR411 is  they give you real tools and a roadmap to move forward in a realistic way. They’re not constantly talking about themselves and how great they are, they truly want you to get better. 



Get Best-Practice knowledge from  Pros:

  • Saves you Time, Precious Hard-Earned Money
  • Avoid the pitfalls of newbies
  • Gives you a real look inside the reality of today’s music industry
  • Helps you Develop songwriting chops
  • Build YOUR own toolkit for success.

And much more……


Serious about a Music Career? 

Crush your learning curve with the 21stc  tools you need to get amazing results.  

Get these essential how-to’s:

  • Band basics you must know!
  • How to develop a step-by-step plan for success
  • How to avoid career-killing mistakes
  • Best practices used by top artists and bands

And much more…..



Tell your unique story- you deserve to be heard!

Learn how to put the best, authentic you in front of the world.

  • Discover what matters, what doesn’t, what’s working today, not 5 years ago
  • Learn how to cut through the clutter & speak in your true voice
  • Create something uniquely you that engages your fans. It’s how you connect and why people remember you.

And much more….

‘Street-Smart’ Content & Tools

Build your Music Business 3.0 career!



“This course has everything a songwriter needs to get focus and direction – not to mention a whole lot of wisdom – in captivating lessons that keep you engaged.”

Kevin McCarty

Owner & Founder, We Should Write Sometime